19 May 2010

Mexican Suzani cushions at Capella Pedregal Hotel

So Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is officially on my radar. The awe-inspiring Capella Pedregal Hotel, to be exact, "where every room has a picture-perfect view of the ocean". What we're here for, however, is to discuss and admire the Mexican Suzani cushions they have in their "swoonalicious" (Hi Wil) rooms. Love on a grand scale.

Capella Pedregal

(below) This gorgeous full size green version is for sale in my online store - www.tabletonic.com.au (and I ship to just about everywhere!). Tempted to take to it with some scissors and a sewing machine right now!

Table Tonic


  1. Hahaha, loved the swoonalicious quip, Louise! Thanks for the shout out. As for this hotel, well, I'll visit in my dreams for now - I'd need to sell my car to afford a view like that!

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