08 May 2010

Cool website: www.oeke.com.au

Although posting about beach gear whilst wearing Ugg boots (hello 14º evenings!) feels mildly wrong, I couldn't let another day go by without alerting you to these very cool OEKE beach umbrellas. Aussie (Victoria-based) company OEKE, named after her sons, j-OE and lu-KE, is the brainchild of Linda, "Mum to 2 boys, Mrs to the Mr, graphic designer, OEKE umbrella designer/manufacturer, blog addict." (She forgot blogger!) So if you have garden, courtyard, roof top, BBQ area, pool or cafe/winery that needs a spot of shade? You totally know where to go. OKAY? OEKE.

All images OEKE


  1. Really glad so see you feature the lovely Linda, you actually beat me to it. Great blog, and even better blogger. And those umbrellas of hers are to die for! K xx

  2. As I too sit here in front of the open fire with my ugg boots on I say WOOHOOOOO and thankyou for such a lovely post. I feel chuffed beyond chuffness. As the great kamahl says .. 'you are too kind'. Have a nice chilly night and bring on summer. Thanks Louise (-:


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