09 May 2010

Cool blog: greigedesign.blogspot.com

Ooooh! Just found a gorgeous decor blog called Greige (found via one of my faves, Everything Fab). Greige was created, it seems, especially for my Mum, who is more than a little partial to a "neutral". Happy Mother's Day Mum - this one's for you. PS I hope all you Mums out there are treated like royalty today. You deserve it! Happy Mother's Day.

 All images Griege


  1. Louise, there are too many things I love in these pics to mention. The double bar stools, the lighting over the island bench, the artworks, the dining table, the the THE. Great finds, great post. Hope you have a great mothers day too (-: (and thanks again for my lovely mention .. a great surprise present for me!!!)

  2. I don't let a day go by without checking out Greige. It is one of my favourite blogs. Thanks for bringing it to the attention of others.

  3. Love Greige!! wuaw thanks for the mention!! Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day!!


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