21 May 2010

Blog header I'm diggin': My life my loves

There are currently over 1 billion blogs on the internet, and according to Cyber Journalist, you can add 175,000 newbies to that billion every day. And every single one of those blogs has a "header" - the panel up top that contains its name. Well, the reason for this post is that every now and then, I see a blog header that is so pretty it stops me in my tracks. So I'm going to start sharing them. Today's eye candy comes courtesy of Aussie blog My life my loves, the Author of which is Sharnel, who writes: "Welcome to my creative escape! I'm a 33 yr old Mum, wife, sister, daughter and friend enchanted by beautiful things. I love to bake, craft, style parties and take photographs. Ruffles, bows and hearts make me the happiest. Thanks for visiting me, enjoy! Sharnel xoxox" So. Which blog header blows your hair back? Tell me! Tell me!


  1. What an adorable idea! I've really been digging Joy's of Oh Joy. I like how simple it is, with a few swirls and then all her links...

  2. yeah, um YOURS!
    Graphic, bold & &cute all at the same time!
    nice job
    sal x

  3. Absolutely agree, Sharnel has one of the prettiest headers and I love that it's actually one of her photos!!

  4. That is incredible! I can't believe there are that many of us.

    Love your blog!


  5. That is awfully pretty. And this is a great idea. I can't wait to see the next beauty you uncover. Those are some amazing blogging facts. Who knew.

  6. A diary of lovely is one of my fave headers...i've never seen red and green look so gorgeous together!

  7. Thanks for the blog mention. I must say, i love my blog header too. It's a photo I took of a vignette I put together in our ensuite bathroom. Pretty isn't it!


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