12 May 2010

Australian Real Living magazine: June 2010

Now, if getting your issue a whopping 5 days before it hits the stands isn't enough incentive for you to subscribe to Real Living magazine, then I don't know what is. The June 2010 issue was poking out of my mailbox this morning and woohoo!! The lovely stylist (and she is lovely) Marie Nichols used 2 of my Black and white Zig Zag Ikat cushions for the "Create a cozy living room" feature (pages 62-67). The June issue goes on sale next Monday, 17th May and I'll post a full TT sneak peak of it soon, so watch this space.

Table Tonic


  1. I have a thing for yellow at the moment. That lampbase is what I need right now! And you make me smile with the amount of mags your swallowing..

  2. That is completely exciting to be featured in Real Living, it is my favourite Australian homewares magazine! :) Hazel

  3. I LOVE the cover. Yellow :) Getting mags early is the best, but alas my copy was not in my letterbox today. Here's hoping it will be there tomorrow. I get really snarky if it doesn't arrive before it's out in newsagents. Warning you Mr Postman.

  4. sweeeet - i am going straight to my letterbox to see if mines there!
    how good is Real Living! Plus if you subscribe its soooo cheap!
    sal x

  5. Ah, mine didn't arrive today! Need it too as hubby is out with his mates tonight and could read the mag in peace. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

  6. Got mine in the mail today too, courtesy of my lovely ACP staffer daughter...I do hope she got a discount on my subscription!! Loving all the features you're getting...well done!

  7. Could you tell me where the ''Money Bunny'' is from please? I can't read it on the Zoom option.



  8. Hi Suzy,
    MONEY BUNNY: Cute for collecting coins. Rabbit money bank in White, $24.95, Outliving. www.outliving.com.au
    Hope that helps.

  9. Well done on getting them in the mag. Wooohooo. They look great too by the way. 'weally' great (have been tryng to teach 4yo to say R instead of
    W - can you tell??

  10. Ooh lots of colour,there was too much white in the last issue

  11. got mine! love real living. and your blog!

  12. Congrats on the feature. I just got my issue today and am in love with heaps. Heaps of stuff that I love.

  13. Ohh, you tease! I'm in WA and I have to wait a couple of days extra.

    Loving your blog, it's become a daily read!

  14. I find it interesting that you all get your subscription copies so early? I'm in Adelaide. I got mine in the post last Thursday (20th May) - yes that's right - the Thursday AFTER it went on sale in the shops!!!! The month before it arrived the Friday after going on sale! And when I queried it, I was told subscribers don't get it early :( Bronwen.


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