24 May 2010

At my home (aka Table Tonic HQ): Another style update

I recently (as in, today) took it upon myself to cozy up the house. I have previously spoken of my deep love and obsession for those sheepskin rug-throw-thingies (here and here), so 2 more have officially  joined us. Very sexoir, don't you think? And you know what? They are so warm to sit in. On a grand scale.

(below) Audrey concurs... She's totally owning them. No, really.

Table Tonic
PS Today I am playing along with Buttons By Lou Lou's "What's happening at your house?".  Such a cute idea.


  1. Audrey looks adorable - your house, well, that looks super stylish! Wouldn't expect anything less!

  2. Audrey is absolutely owning that chair and sheepskin. Gorgeous photo!! She is completely posing for the photo.

    My boys have a sheepskin under their bookcase in their bedroom - so cozy!

    Thanks for playing along this week. Lovely to have a peek into what's happening in other people's houses. Lou.

  3. gorgeous photos - loving your new purchases! KG

  4. Audrey, on her throne=spectacular.

    You must submit that image to Desire To Inspire. They have a pets on furniture feature and your girl would be divine. :0)

  5. Deliciously stylish, and Audrey is divine! Would you call the colour cobalt blue? Is truly spectacular, just the colour I need to pop against my beige and white! Thank you, thank u!
    LG xo

  6. I did it NKP! Thanks for the suggestion! x

  7. Hi, I absolutely love your space here, so I just had to comment. Excellent job. And Audrey is perfect.

  8. sweet! mine is also warming up bottoms thrown over an armchair. although it did spend a lot of today on the floor with zak wrapped up inside it using it as a woolly tunnel for his cars. but of course!

  9. That shot is to perfect not to be in a major publication!

  10. You're welcome Louise and I'm so glad you did!


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