12 April 2010

Table Tonic: Illustrated edition

Does it get any sweeter than this? I mean, really. The lovely Genna Compton, a Melbourne-based, freelance illustrator, has done an illustration "based on some of my own furiture in a composition inspired by the colour combinations and gorgeous hand crafted items and homes showcased on the (Table Tonic) blog and in the online store." Be still, my heart! And as you would imagine, the blog of an illustrator looks, well, positively dreamy. Visit Genna Campton Illustration.

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  1. Saw you mentioned on Secrets of Domestic Bliss - and so glad you were! Your style is spot-on wonderful. Having so much fun going through your posts/fabulous shop (as I've written many times, I have a terrible pillow addiction, so this may get me in trouble!).
    -Sanity Fair


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