30 April 2010

Stylish Homes: Alexia Gnecchi Ruscone

"A lifetime of travel and a love of individuality informs the aesthetic of Eclettica founder and designer Alexia Gnecchi Ruscone" - Australian InStyle magazine. A beautiful example of "tribal" done impeccably. Loving it all.

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  1. I love that kaftans never REALLY go out of style!

  2. Tribal is hot on the catwalks and in interiors - great space!

  3. Instyle is a great mag!
    Love this feature. Yes it is brilliant 'tribal' with hints of classic and also 70s. Wonderfully individual and with so much warmth.

    What issue was it in love. Really want to read this.

    x Charlotta

  4. Ooops silly me - Charlotta, it's in the current (May 2010) issue with Gwen Stefani on the cover. x


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