16 April 2010

Matt Blatt: Replica Simon Karkov Norm 69 Pendant Light

A few of you have sent me emails asking about the pendant light in our bedroom, so here's the scoop: It's the "Replica Simon Karkov Norm 69 Pendant Light" from Matt Blatt, it's a mere $125, and yes - we have them in virtually every room in the house. When they get a bit dusty, I toss them in the shower like a grubby child, turn the tap on full and they come up a treat. Voila!
Table Tonic


  1. Thanks for the light info.
    mb from Dallas

  2. Before you buy from Matt Blatt you should check out the competition - you can often find what you're after for less. I just bought some ghost stools from Baobab for $99 including free delivery, from MB they were $129 each plus $65 delivery for a set of four stools. That's a saving of 35%!

    They told me they'll also be doing lighting in less than two months, and office chairs too... can't wait to see their range. But there are other companies besides Baobab - just do your research before buying.


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