03 April 2010

Domino Magazine

Penelope Green of The New York Times found such a perfect way to sum up Domino, everyone's favourite "shelter" mag:

Table Tonic


  1. Her comment makes me rather sad though - as if Domino were just a "moment" and I think it was a lot more than that. I still miss it terribly and don't really see a replacement for it.

  2. It was a sad day when I learned that Domino was no more. I was even more sad when I thought that my Domino mags got thrown out. I've moved quite a bit in the last few years and thought that they got lost in one of the shuffles!
    A couple of months ago...things looked up...way up! My mom came over with a heavy box...inside...my whole collection! I couldn't believe it! She had brought them to her store of all places and forgot that they were there. It was a joyous occasion, let me tell you!
    The mags are now safely resting in magazine files in my office and I love that we've been reunited.
    I've taken up enough room on your comment page, I know, but I just love sharing this happy ending story!
    P.S. I really really really want Domino to make a come back!

  3. Ha! Good for you! A true decorista's fairytale - complete with happy ending! You've just made a LOT of people jealous. Oh to have a complete collection... (sigh).
    PS Know what you mean. Me too. I have high hopes for the resurrection of Domino.


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