11 March 2010

Table Tonic online store

Happy Days! I  finally received my Union Jack and Che Guevara cushions! Nice and big too, at 51x51cm (20x20 inches). They are quietly making their way over to the online store as we speak... Union Jacks, $90 each, Che's, $80 each, and they come stuffed, ready to enjoy. Nice for a kiddy's room, teenager's den or grown up person's boudoir!

Table Tonic


  1. Oh my goodness, my three year old is obsessed with Che. He chooses his Che shirt every day to wear and tells anyone who asks about his shirt that Che was a "freedom fighter" I will so need to order a pillow for him! -kb

  2. Oh that is ADORABLE.
    (And so much cooler than having the Yellow Wiggle as your idol!)

  3. I LOVE your blog,Louise! I don't know how I've missed it before now. Thanks for putting me on your blogroll. I am adding you to my blogroll and having fun scrolling through your past posts.


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