02 March 2010

Table Tonic online store

Hope your Tuesday is chugging along nicely. I spent the day shooting some Suzanis for my online store, and thought I'd give you a little peak! They'll vary in price from $110 - $500 according to size, condition, and design/colour - These three are $460 (first pic), $440 (second pic) and $430 (third pic). Because they're actual vintage pieces, some have signs of wear, some have tiny stains, and most have the loveliest smokey smell, which, I'm convinced, was responsible for sending Audrey my Italian Greyhound absolutely mental this morning! But they are just incredible in the flesh, the pictures do them no justice whatsoever. PS I'll be shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the USA and the UK. PPS Only 6 sleeps to go...

 Table Tonic


  1. i love the colours in the 2nd one. so pretty.

  2. I could never pick a favorite. I wish I could have them all.

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