25 March 2010

The Table Tonic Interview: Janet and Carolina Rauber

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to New York-based sisters, Janet and Carolina Rauber of Rauber and Rauber Interiors, and I just had to ask them about this perfectly modern New York apartment they recently decorated. They told me: "Upon her return to NYC from London, a globetrotting international banker found a somewhat small ordinary apartment and turned it into a jewel. Abandoning the ordinary, walls came down and an open loft-like space was created. Choicest architectural finishes, a lively colour palette, and a spectacular city view made this small apartment feel larger than life!" You could live here right? Me too... While I had them, I also quizzed Jane and Caroline on some modern day decor quandaries. You can read the interview at the bottom of these breathtaking images.

Okay, so what's the Raber and Rauber "design philosophy"? We believe your interior/environment has a huge effect on your state of mind. We always strive for timeless quality, whether in workmanship or materials selected, this has proven to stand up to the test of time. Quality is your best investment - nothing lasts longer. We believe in buying one great piece or object rather than a bunch of insignificance. Also, proportion - it makes or breaks an interior! You can custom design a piece of furniture, a cabinet, a full height bookcase but if the scale is off - the whole thing is off!

What are your top tips for decorating a small space - and making it appear larger? Live large in small spaces: Grand gestures have great impact in small spaces. For instance, install a large canvas, series of tall mirrors to reflect more, or a generous series of artwork to cover a large portion of the wall. We have been known to cut up precious antique textiles and frame them as art - and they look contemporary! Use the whole wall - do not just look left and right on the wall but up and down as well. If you make an impact in a small space, you can be completely transformed and enchanted and there are no boundaries! Creating height is a tall order: We believe in working with height in a small space. Rather than close a window with tight, short draperies, open it by installing draperies closer to the ceiling and off the window as well. This creates visual height and also allows the light in. Tall cabinets and folding screens can also become a visual that takes your eye “up”. 

Any advice for those who need to "de-clutter"? Edit, Edit, Edit! We believe editing is such an important part of living. Rather than let “things” accumulate and take over, which they do, we are strong believers of review, review, review. Being able to move things along is a great way of being green. Give things away - one man’s junk is another man’s treasure! Editing not only frees the place up, keeps it current, but it frees the mind up as well. This should be a life long rule - if you don’t love it, leave it!

How can I liven up a dull room/space? Colour your world: Paint will always liven up a place. We always choose clean, clear colours - never muddy or murky - our interiors always feel happy and fresh. Layering of patterns creates a lot of interest - one can get lost in the colors, patterns and textures. An exotic textile, collection of throw pillows or a simple bouquet of flowers adds another layer of interest. Accessories are as essential as a layer of mascara!

An enormous thank you to the delightful girls at Rauber and Rauber Interiors. And I hope you all enjoyed the interview!

PS A big shout out to our little Jasper Julian, who turns 6 today! Happy Birthday baby. x


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