01 March 2010

On sale today: Belle, House & Garden, Country Style

This is what puts a spring in my step on a Monday morning. Not forgetting caffeine, of course... Brand spanking new Australian issues of Country Living (March), House & Garden (April) and Belle (April/May)

Table Tonic


  1. At last, a fellow magazine junkie! I thought i was the only person who knew the on-sale dates of all my favourite mags - now i know there are at least two of us! Love the blog, can't wait for your gorgeous shop to open, will pop in again when i get back from the newsagent!

    Kerri x

  2. Sorry Keri, I'm the mag fanatic, I subscribe to them, all the design ones, Donna Hay and Vogue. My husband thinks it a bit over the top.
    Loving the blog as well Louise.

  3. I LOVE H&G - and not just because I had an article published in it last year but because it's just so comprehensive and you get such good info/so much for your $.

    Unfortunately in the belt tightening helldom that is 2010 there is no magazine buying in this house at the mo. *sniff*

  4. Oops, sorry Engracia, i'd better make that three fanatics then! My husband sounds much like yours - what would they know anyway!

    Kerri x


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