12 March 2010

Moroccan Wedding Blankets 101

Genuine Moroccan Wedding Blankets are sourced high in the Atlas mountains in Berber villages and made for Berber brides, who would wear them as capes to keep warm as they were walking to their new husband's house. The women in the bride's family would work on each one for months, using hand loomed sheep's wool and painstakingly adding round, metal sequins one by one, by hand. All that work takes a lot of time, so these precious creations were reserved for the best and most important day - the wedding.

Tabletonic.com.au will have 12 of these beauties in stock in about 2-3 weeks, and 2 of those are blue (I'm hoping dark blue, but we'll see). I can't wait to  touch one!!!!

Moroccan Wedding Blankets are thought to be instilled with "baraka", a positive power with many meanings in Morocco, and a source of creative inspiration. In the case of carpets and weavings, the religious faith of the weaver and her belief in the supernatural are inextricably connected with the objects she produces. The loom itself remains the ultimate symbol of magical protection. It is looked upon as a living thing and is treated as such. If the weaver takes care in remembering the number and combination of threads to produce a design, the finished textile will be imbued with talismanic power and contain baraka, acting as a "power shield" against the evil eye. - Source


  1. Can't wait till the blankets arrive Lou, they look fantastic. And everyone needs a little protection against the dreaded evil eye!
    Kerri x

  2. Great! I look forward to seeing your stock. So far everything is just stunning.

  3. I was given one this week for my birthday. It looks so beautiful when I wake up in the middle of the night and see the moonlight sparkling on the sequins!

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