09 February 2010

Stylish Homes: Alex & Jeff Fulton

Alex and Jeff Fulton's Christchurch home, as seen in New Zealand's Your Home & Garden magazine. The article tells us "Alex, and interior and product designer, has a penchant for colour. And texture. And spots, stripes and floral patterns - and her greatest passion is putting them together in new and unexpected ways." Riiiight up my alley. 

Your Home & Garden really is a brilliant decor mag. Picks up right where domino left off (almost!), but very hard to find outside of New Zealand. I asked my local newsagent if he could start getting it in for me and he actually said "it shouldn't be a problem"! Might be worth asking yours. Alternatively, you can subscribe here at magshop. Costs are as follows:
New Zealand residents: 12 issues, NZ$59.95 (postage is free).  
- Regular cover price is NZ$7.40 per issue.
Australian residents: 12 issues NZ$110.33, including shipping (about AUD$87.40).  
- That's about AUD$7.30 per issue.
Rest of the world: 12 issues NZ$189.73, including shipping (about USD$131). 
- That's about USD$10.90 per issue. 

All images Your Home & Garden


  1. Great post! I needed a little pops of color. I love that wallpaper in the fourth picture.

  2. do you know how they used the marrimeko udessa panda fabric on the wall? (image 3) Would it be stuck directly on the wall? or hung? i love the idea...

  3. Hi Melissa - it looks to be on a canvas. If you look down near the floor, you can see the edge of it. Great idea - and thanks for pointing that out!

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