24 February 2010

Real Living magazine: March 2010

Lets take a little look through the new-ish issue of Real Living:

First up, Natalie Walton, Real Living's Deputy Editor (and Daily Imprint blogger) tries her hand at styling with the definitely inspiring "Home Office: Turn a work space into your favourite room" feature. You can read Natalie's insightful account of her styling experience here on Daily Imprint which includes "I lost 2kg that week simply because I didn't have time to eat." Somebody say Baptism by fire? (Gulp.) Well Natalie, it was worth it! 

"Contemporary Charm": Hayley Paul's Victorian-period villa in Melbourne is rather perfect. This is the "back room", which couldn't be further up my alley if it tried. And Sisal. Loooove Sisal.

"Refresh! Bedlinen you can afford" shows us 4 perfect, but oh-so different bedroom styles, and I could honestly "be" any of them - London Style (below), Homespun Folk, Boutique Hotel and Modern Baroque. Which one are you?

All images Real Living


  1. I loved the blog, beautiful post. a sweet kiss and zucchini to the Brazilian!!

  2. So that's what I need to do to lose weight! Be a stylist! Why was I not told this years ago.ox

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