17 February 2010

Having a moment: Nanna blankets

Must keep my eyes peeled for a couple of these, especially with winter approaching. Great way to add both a sprinkle of colour and a thrifty feel to an otherwise modern home. PS Visit Crochet Cabana for a wonderful "How to knit a Granny Square" tutorial - even better, it assumes you know nothing about crocheting. PPS Can't be bothered? Ebay it. There are stacks. They also go by the name "afghan" blankets, so try typing that in too.


  1. Hi just found you via Absolutely Beautiful. Love the site and can't wait to see your online shop and spend more time checking out your stuff.


  2. I'm still recovering from the last era when those were in style, they bring back memories of my grandma's old living room. But those images are so pretty! It's nice to see acrylic crocheted rainbows in a new light!

  3. Nanna blankets are a permanant fixture in our sitting room. Love them for their quick burst of colour and the granny-like comfort they bring during late nights on couch. Op-shops typically have hundreds which you can purchase for under a five-dollar. PRETTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYY L!


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