22 February 2010

Good things happen in three's

I've had these three images kicking around on my desktop for a while now, and I think they cover off  my current obsessions nicely: Turquoise, upholstery nails, white floors. Oh, and some hardcore fashion for good measure. Always.


PS Judy Aldridge, author of Atlantis Home (where I found the above image) would have to be the coolest mum on the planet. And her daughter is none other than Jane Aldridge (below) of Sea of Shoes fame. What a deliciously fashionable bloggy pair...


  1. That first space is beautiful. Anything with white and splashes of colour is a winner for me !!

  2. I too am obsessing about white floors. I want to get our badly in need of being taken care of floors painted white. But having four boys and living near the beach means I know this is just a pipe dream. Not to mention the apoplexy I experience at the thought of having to move everything out to get the floors done anyway.


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