11 February 2010

Faux florals: Scenes from my hood

As I've previously mentioned, I am a huge advocate of artificial flowers. To me, fresh flowers are the ultimate indulgence, as pricey as they are beautiful, but fakies, falsies, call them what you will, just keep on keeping on. Here are my latest finds. They've settled in just beautifully...

(above and below): Found myself in Spotlight (my new favourite place) the other day, and picked up these magnolias. Or should I say, Mag-faux-lias! Aren't they just heaven? $14.99 a stem, reduced to $10 a stem (30% off) for "VIP customers" - that's me!
(below): Faux succulents - who knew! Bought 3 at $7.99 a stem, reduced to $5.60 a stem.
Table Tonic


  1. Love them, Spotlight, I'm going there tomorrow for sure!!! Thanks

  2. Went to Spotlight, alas, no magnolias. Got some succulents though and some really great heleconias. Thanks for the tip. They weren't on special though....:o(


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