01 February 2010

Cool blog: Everythingfab.tumblr.com

"A lifestyle blog about fashion, beauty, green living, food, decor and daily inspiration to live a more fabulous life!" Wowee. If images are your bag and words irk you (a big hello to my graphic designer friends), then everythingfab is one pretty little blog you're going to find yourself bookmarking, following, tweeting and generally lusting over. Me? Obsessed? Yes, thank you for asking.

All images everythingfab


  1. AH!! Thanks for the heads up! I LOVE these photos....I'm off to hunt them down. NOW!

  2. Merci Louise! you can also find me at www.everythingfab.com (is my blog that feeds into everythingfab.tumblr.com)!!
    Again thank you thank you!!!


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