31 January 2010

Stylish Homes: Dani Rosen

There is one New Year's Eve in particular, I will never forget. It was Summer, it was the eighties and I was high on the sounds of Tears for Fears, Hunters and Collectors and (don't judge me) Aerosmith. At 11.59pm on December 31st 1989, Dani Rosen and I were lying on a footpath in Sydney's Vaucluse, looking at the stars, patiently waiting to usher in the nineties. We hung out a lot at high school, and our friendship continued to truck along nicely when we both got into New South Wales University's College of Fine Arts campus - I did Design and Dani chose Fine Arts. But then, well, I guess you could say "life" got in the way. And we have since lost touch completely. Dani was always creatively mature beyond her years, her bedroom as a teen was a perfectly harmonious mish-mash of found objects and strong colour. So imagine my delight when I saw her perfect little light-filled apartment  featured in the March 2009 issue of Real Living magazine. Enjoy it. I did. Oh, and please check out her websites, Dan300 Designs and The Style Tree.

All images Real Living

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