20 January 2010

Rachel Castle (castleandthings.com.au)

In the market for a box of smarties masquerading as beautiful bedding and handcrafted artworks? Well clickety clack over to castleandthings.com.au for gawjus 50x50cm velvet pompom cushions ($39), printed pillowcases ($39 each) and quilt covers ($190 for queen size), and very affordable art (prices start around 100 bucks!). I actually came to Rachel's site looking for bedlinen and now I quite literally want ALL of her felt artworks! PS You can read an interview Natalie Walton did with the talented Mrs Castle over here at Daily Imprint.



Above image montage - decoraddict


  1. holy crap-dogs! now i need it all too! gimme gimme gimme!!
    ps. does the level of excitement drop when you see that the commenter is me, AGAIN.

  2. I love it when you come visit Ronnie!


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