21 January 2010

P is for pretty, polkadot and pinboards

Some people are just so darn good at thinking outside the square. Quite literally! These can be filed under clever and pretty! 

NEWS JUST IN: (speshly for "Miss Mellie") John and Jennifer of littleprettystudio usually sell these through their Etsy store, but an announcement currently explains: "We don't have a "re-opening" date set, but we hope to have the shop back up by June 1st". Eeeek! In the meantime though, visit the definitely clever Jennifer's blog, paperandink. Oh, and they're called hoop.dee.do's by the way. How cute is that?! Thanks for the enquiry, Miss Mellie!


  1. Hi Miss Mellie, I've ammended the post just for you! ^

  2. thanks so much!!! i actually purchased 2 wooden hoops from spotlight last weekend! now to find some fabric!

    am so inspired!


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