08 January 2010

Celebrity homes: Molly Sims

LA-based model-slash-actress Molly Sims sure knows her way around a refurb. She hired celeb-fave interior designer Kishani Perera to polish up the interior of this little gem in New York's Soho - one of her many homes, from what I hear!



The apartment was featured in a 2007 issue of InStyle Home and below is a snippet from the article:
"She may hail from Kentucky, but Las Vegas star Molly Sims's new apartment has Manhattan written all over it – plus several touches of Paris. "My home really reflects my personality," the actress, 34, who plays Delinda Deline on the NBC series, tells InStyle Home for its fall/winter issue. "New York can be very cold sometimes. I wanted to walk in here and feel warm," she says of the lavishly appointed space in downtown SoHo. For décor inspiration, "I would tear everything out of magazines," she says – and to keep gentlemen admirers from being intimidated by the apartment, she used what is described as a masculine palette of smoky greys and dark blues, to go along with some of the other touches, including floral accents. "The place is often French girlie," she admits. Antiques such as Louis XVI chair are often juxtaposed with modern touches, too. "Sure, it's convenient to go into a shop and buy a ready-made couch or chair," says Sims, who enjoys scavenging and salvaging, "but I think it's more original to customize antiques." The flea market in Paris proved a favored destination, and Sims loves to haggle. (She speaks fluent French thanks to her two years as a model living in the City of Lights.) She is also a Gemini. "We're street savvy," she says of her sign. She's also single-minded. "When I'm antiquing, nothing can stop me. I'm hard-core and very particular. I know whether I like it or don't like it." The proof of that is her finished apartment. "In the South," she says, "manners and respect are highly regarded. I'm very down-to-earth, and I like to surround myself with the same. "Coming home after a long day of work, I want to be able to sit down and feel comfortable. Not being able to relax – that's not me."

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  1. love the artwork in the last pic and the grey tones - she has a thing for grey. i posted her other home a while back on my old blog (http://renovateanddecorate.blogspot.com/2008/11/celeb-style-molly-sims.html)and it's of a similar vein and also rather glam!
    as for geminis being street savvy, clearly, i am not a true gemini!


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