21 December 2009

Why hello there!

So here she is. My first official blog post. I thought it was only fitting to get this show on the road as I won my first little Table Tonic piece on ebay today. So here's the plan: I buy someone's "trash", on ebay mostly, but you should know I am partial to a furniture auction, council cleanup, oh and did I mention my husband drives a ute? So then I give it a going over with some soapy water/sandpaper/paint and then I style it up, take a picture or seven and entice nice people to buy it. I have big plans, people. And bucketloads of inspiration.  
I might just call today the first day of the rest of my life.


  1. oh happy day, another blog to obsess over. so there i was, looking hopefully to see if i'd made it to your blog roll. then, nothing. WAHHHH! look i don't even mind if you put me in your 'about me' section and palm me off as one of your children.

  2. Princess Veronica, you now have an entire category to yourself. For the minute, anyway... Enjoy that. x


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