26 December 2009

Where to buy bus scrolls online?





Since bus scroll chic burst onto the decor scene about a year or so ago (peaking right about now), there have been some clever takes on the traditional list of suburbs or the "route". Notice that out of the 5 images above, only the top image is a "traditional" bus scroll. The following sites are my picks for ordering yours online:
Price: $499
Size: 1600mm(h) x 750mm(w)
Wait! There's more: They will also custom make any route, any size and any colour up for you.
Price: $349(small) $499(medium) $795(large)
Sizes: SMALL: 1000mm(h) x 500mm(w), MEDIUM: 1500(h) x 750(w), LARGE: 2000(h) x 1000(w)
Delivery: Sydney: $69, Brisbane, Adelaide & Canberra: $88, Hobart & Perth: $154, Darwin: $250.
Wait! There's more: The words featured on your scroll are entirely up to you - simply choose 14 lines of type.
Price: $880
Size: 1830mm(h) x 840mm(w)
Delivery: Fixed shipping Australia wide is $110.
Wait! There's more: Whiteport will also ship internationally.
Price: $880
Size: 1830mm(h) x 840mm(w)
Delivery: Sydney: $66, Brisbane, Melbourne & Canberra: $88, Adelaide: $110, Hobart & Perth: $154, Darwin: $253.
Wait! There's more: Printdolls will also ship internationally.
Price: $750 - $799
Size: Around 1750mm(h) x 750mm(w) up to 1800mm(h) x 800mm(w)
Delivery: Melbourne: $44, Hobart: $44, Sydney: $68, Adelaide: $68, Brisbane: $80, Perth: $97.
Wait! There's more: Free 12 month subscription to Inside Out, Vogue Living or GQ magazine for all orders placed and paid in full by 31st December 2009.

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