23 December 2009

The table! The table!

Picked up my new table today! Bought her on ebay for $46, which is more than I plan to spend on my little "projects" (hello council clean up), but she has good bones (and a bit of osteoporosis too, judging by the winky-wonky factor). I tagged along to Bunnings with my husband the other day and came home clutching a bunch of paint swatches. All high gloss enamel. Tossing up between "Ritzy Red" (fire engine red), "Green Tiara" (Tiffany blue), and Violet Stone (mushroom). Oh, and "Gold Rush" (margarine yellow). Descisions descisions...


  1. Louise
    Try Porters Paints for good interior finishes. Table would look good in metallic rust.

  2. louie! a blog! hurrah! so good to see. can't wait to see what you do with it - you can't ever go wrong with tiffany blue, but yellow is also still hot, hot, hot! happy painting xx
    PS: are you tweeting now too? xxx

  3. Tiffany blue! Tiffany blue! Tiffany blue!

  4. Am 99% certain it will be a VERY pale duck egg blue - will suits the table nicely, being quite ornate in the leg dept... Was keen for brights, but this is not the piece. Will keep porters in mind for future finds for sure too! Am about to post about my second ebay win!

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