23 December 2009

Kelly Wearstler

I forget where I first discovered Kelly Wearstler, although it was most likely in the pages of old issues of Elle Decor magazine. Never before had interiors held so much appeal to me, and the fact that she dresses like she decorates (over the top, embellished, colorful) really stuck in my head. I own two of her decorating books, "Domicilium Decoratus" (2006) and "Modern Glamour" (2006) and refer to them constantly, finding something new every time I flick through them, much like a "Where's Wally" image. Top of my "Need-it-now!" list is her latest book, "Hue" (2009).

Buy Domicilium Decoratus online for $58.49 (rrp$64.99).
Buy Modern Glamour online for $58.46 (rrp$64.95).
Buy Hue online for $68.76 (rrp$76.40).
And promise me you'll buy all your books from Booktopia from now on. Because they're cheap, people! Australia wide delivery is a flat $6.50. No matter how many books you order.

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