24 June 2014

23 June 2014

Eat Fit Food: Recipe + a Special Offer!

Curious to try Eat Fit Food but haven't yet? Now is your chance - they have a brand spankers new ‘Taste Test’ package (where you can order one meal a day for three days). They just know that once you have tasted the quality and sheer deliciousness of their wholefood meals, you will long for more, especially given the ease and convenience of their service – fast, fresh and simple (no need to spend your spare time grocery shopping/cooking/cleaning/washing up…bliss!). Try them out for only $69 with code 'TABLETONIC' (save more than 40%!). To sign up for your ‘Taste Test’ special give Eat Fit Food a call on 1300 302 930 or email them (info@eatfitfood.com.au) before 5pm on Friday 4th July.

Fish with Moroccan Cauliflower & Currant Salad and Coconut Yoghurt Dressing 
(Serves 4)

250g cauliflower florets
200g tinned chickpeas
50ml olive oil
2 tsp Moroccan spice/chopped coriander root
½ tsp turmeric
½ tsp fennel seeds
½ cup boiled water to soak currants
40g soaked currents
10g chopped coriander/parsley

In a bowl mix the olive oil, Moroccan spice, chopped coriander root, turmeric and fennel seed. Retrieve water that was used to soak currants and add to spices. Mix the raw cauliflower florets through the spice mix and steam roast for 10-12 mins, enduring it is cooked but not overcooked. Allow to cool. Add cauliflower florets to drained and washed chickpeas. Add soaked currants, chopped coriander and parsley leaf.

5 x 150g fish
Chopped herbs (chives/parsley/mint)
40ml olive oil
5 lemon slices (cooked on fish)
Salt and pepper to taste

Method: Marinade the fish in chopped herbs (parsley, chives, mint) in a bowl. Put fish a tray and put a slice of lemon on each fish it fish. Bake fish for 12-14 minutes at 165 degrees.

Yoghurt dressing:
250ml Coconut Yoghurt
½ lemon - juiced
1 tbsp dijon mustard
Mix all together

Add 5g toasted pine nuts to each portion and ENJOY!

And here's what I love about Eat Fit Food - That meal (above) is not only dinner-party-worthy, but positively filled with health benefits:

FISH includes Omega-3 fatty acids. According to Australia’s leading health research body, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), suggests that Australians should eat more fish and aim for two or more serves weekly.

CHICKPEAS provide a great source of plant protein, fibre and iron. The currants provide a delicious sweetness and the mix of cauliflower, herbs and spices fills this dish with an array of flavours.  

CURRANTS provide a different flavour and are smaller in size to the common dried grape, sultanas. Currants are high in fibre and low in saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium.  Currants are also a good source of potassium, manganese, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. As they are dried, they are concentrated source of calories, sugar, and nutrients, so you only need to add a small amount. For a vegetarian meal, you can omit the fish as the chickpeas will provide a great source of protein.

TURMERIC In the world of herbs and spices, there’s one that leads the pack in terms of healing - turmeric. If you can find turmeric in root form, you can even juice it and add some lemon, lime, and honey for a delicious healing drink. HOT TIP: To supercharge its healing abilities, don’t skimp on the black pepper. When you mix turmeric together with black pepper you greatly enhance your body’s absorption of it.

TO RECAP: Try Eat Fit Food out for only $69 with code 'TABLETONIC' (save more than 40%!). To sign up for your ‘Taste Test’ special, call on 1300 302 930 or email info@eatfitfood.com.au before 5pm on Friday 4th July.

10 June 2014



I love a good house perve tour as much as the next person, so imagine the somersaults my eyeballs did when they clapped eyes on THIS one (courtesy of the FAB Citizens of the World site) - Cosmopolitan Magazine's Beauty Director Leigh Campbell and her divine Sydney apartment. And the icing on the cake? A Vintage Table Tonic Moroccan Wedding Blanket. Sigh...

(above) Her Table Tonic Vintage Moroccan Wedding Blanket

Leigh says: “I love my bed so much; it’s my favourite place in the world. I always wanted a high bed, so I have actually put a mattress and base on top of the slats. It’s the interior equivalent or driving a Range Rover.

I much prefer to read in bed than watch TV, so I spend a lot of time in there. Quality bedding is a non-negotiable; you’ve got to fork out good money for that stuff.

04 June 2014

New Arrivals at Table Tonic

(above) I think Jen Bishop summed it up beautifully when she said: "Being a self confessed neat freak, I have more than a passing interest in cleaning products. I like them to smell divine and not be full of chemical nasties, as well as be effective. I also want them to look good if I leave them out, however ridiculous and shallow that may seem! I don’t ask much, do I?" Oh, I hear you Jen! She was referring to a fab new range of cleaning products - Bondi Wash. I'm so proud to add a kickass local business to our (ever expanding product range), especially when it smells, looks and feels this good. Click to shop Bondi Wash.

(above) These divine organic wool floor cushions ($280) from Mexico are available in Off White for pre-order (arriving next week). Also available in Stone.

(above) Beautiful Merino Woool Blankets from Mexico ($130) are available in Cream for pre-order (arriving next week). They measure 2m x 1m and great as a wrap as well.

(above) Beautiful Nutscene Jute Twine from England has landed in Black and Natural. Choose from Medium, 80m  ($8) and Large, 130m ($12).

(above) Gratuitous Table Tonic Avalon shot.

(above) On Saturday I said a sad goodbye to Table Tonic Avalon shop legend Ruth, who has landed a gig in Advertising. How amazing are the flowers (from Wild Lotus in Newport)!

(above) Anklets! Back in stock in Black, White and Double Strand White.

(above) Our Jute Baskets in Natural are finally back in stock! Small ($25), Medium ($30), Large ($35).

(above) Ooooooh. How cool are THESE things?! The Snake Wardrobe ($149) from Germany. Architect designed and beautifully crafted, in small production runs, from 40 Beech spheres.

(above) Jute Shoppers ($39) are back in stock in Black Diamond and Black Herringbone (but going fast!). And the Alexandra Zumbo Tassel Necklace ($139) is available for pre-order.

(above) That's me, telling it like it is in the new (July) issue of Marie Claire. Instagram isn't always what it seems! PS Come follow @tabletonic on Instagram.

02 June 2014

RECIPE: Quinoa, Beetroot & Broccoli Salad

A fresh crunchy salad doesn’t always have to be on the side, it can be the star of its own meal! Eat Fit Food’s Quinoa, beetroot & broccoli salad with sultanas, pepitas and raspberry dressing is delicious as a main meal or an accompaniment. This light-but-hearty summery salad is absolutely delicious and the flavours go so well together.
BEETROOT is a delicious root vegetable that will support our body’s detoxification process. Beetroot is also high in iron  (who knew!) which will boost your energy levels and help fight fatigue.
SWEET POTATO is high in Vitamin B6, is a good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin D, as well as iron and magnesium - the relaxation/anti stress mineral.
QUINOA (pronounced keen-wah) is notorious for its health benefits and is possibly THEE superfood. Its nutty texture is an awesome gluten free option which is high in protein (are you listening vegetarians?), iron, fibre and low in fat. Make sure you rinse it well in a fine sieve before cooking (Quinoa has a natural bitter coating of saponins, which dissolve when quinoa is rinsed) and be adventurous with the different varieties and colours. Use Quinoa in salads, stuffings and anywhere you’d use rice or pasta. I even have it for breakfast with fresh fruit (pear and passionfruit is GOOD), some walnuts and a small dollop of coconut yoghurt.

Quinoa, beetroot & broccoli salad with sultanas, pepitas and raspberry dressing

½ cup quinoa
1 beetroot
¼ of a bunch of broccoli
600g sweet potato
1 carrot
1 capsicum
A handful of walnuts
A handful of sunflower/pepita seeds mixed
¼ of an onion
A handful of sultanas
A handful of parsley
A handful of spinach
Sal & pepper to taste

1 cup frozen raspberries, thawed
A dash of Dijon mustard
A squeeze of honey
A dash raspberry vinegar
A dash of olive oil
Salt & pepper to taste

Cooked quinoa for 11 minutes
Dice beetroot, cook at 180°C for roughly 30 minutes.
Dice sweet potato, cook at 180°C for 15 minutes.
Steam broccoli in small florets for 2 minutes.
Cook walnuts and seeds for 5 mins in oven 180°C.
Chop onion, carrot and capsicum.
Mixed the quinoa and parsley together with salt and pepper to taste.
Arrange as you wish on your plate and ENJOY!

You might remember I had it for lunch on Day 1 of my Eat Fit Food 20 Day Overhaul:

It's good, people. IT'S GOOD.

PS There are so SO many new Table Tonic products to tell you about. Watch this space (or just click here).

23 May 2014

My Eat Fit Food "20 Day Overhaul" PART 1

SO. The Table Tonic shop in Avalon (Sydney) has expanded, this poor blog has been more neglected than ever, and my eating habits were HIDEOUS. To say I've been time poor the past couple of months (years?) would be an understatement. And bread has been my special friend. So has pasta. And Allen's Snakes (aren't they the best?).

For anyone feeling a little down on life, depressed even, I say this - If you're wondering what's up (and what you MIGHT be able to do about it), look at your diet. Stay away from sugar, processed foods and refined carbs. Eat more fresh vegetables. Do it for a month and see what happens. You may want to poke around the Whole30 website (I'm going to try it!). It's amazing how what we eat can affect our mood/outlook on life but IT DOES. And it's a fact. 

Enter Eat Fit Food. Yes, again (read about my "5 day cleanse" here). This time, I'm doing the 20 Day Overhaul. I KNOW. You can choose to do 20 consecutive days or have weekends off, weedays on (what I'm doing). If you haven't heard of them, Eat Fit Food deliver healthy (and DELICIOUS!) meals daily to your home or office (Sydney & Melbourne) with plans to expand nationwide in the near future. Lara Bingle and delta Goodrem are fans. As is Lindy Klim (wife of swimmer Michael), whose What You See is What You Get Tumblr I am a bit obsessed with.

How does it work? You order online. And everything you put in your mouth for 5, 10 or 20 days is delivered to your doorstep. You get two days worth of food/snacks at a time. It's too easy.

I'm not a huge morning-eating person. So I have the pre-breakfast juice just before lunch and the mid-morning snack after dinner (when I would always reach for something naughty) with a cup of herbal tea (this one). Don't be afraid to mix up the order of things if it works for you (initially anyway).

Day 1 (of 20): Lunch was a Red quinoa, beetroot & broccoli salad with sultanas, pepitas & raspberry dressing. WOW. 

Day 2 (of 20): Dinner was a Chicken & rice noodle salad with Cashew nuts. Took me all of 27 seconds to tip onto a plate (and almost as quick to eat!).

Day 3 (of 20): Lunch was a Nicoise Salad with (the welcome addition of) sweet potato. And GEEWHIZZBANGERS they know their way around a salad dressing!!!

Day 4 (of 20): Powerballs! Ah-maaaazing.

Day 5 (of 20): Breakfast today was a cinnamon Quinoa Porridge with almonds. Far out. Delicious.

Stay tuned for Part two and visit the Eat Fit Food website for further info!

12 April 2014

Off White Juju Hats available for PRE-ORDER!

As of RIGHT NOW, our Large Off White Juju Hats and Medium Off White Juju Hats are available for pre-order. We have limited stock arriving late April, so pre-order to avoid disappointment!

(above) A quiet corner of our home. Nothing beats a daybed. And PS Juju clusters are officially the new black (I think so anyway!). Clockwise from top left: 

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